The mysterious case of the missing pupil.

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Mystery Case Missing

Pupils often go missing. They forget, they hide, they get the wrong time, but not many disappear in the middle of a lesson.

As we were approaching traffic lights on Cheriton Road, Folkestone, my pupil slows down and stops at the Red light (somewhat sharply).

I suggest she prepares as they don’t take too long and maybe as I begin my observations something catches my eye to my left. The traffic lights change and I look right to check pupil is responding.

But shes not there!

In fact she was there but had pulled the lever on the left hand edge of her seat, which released the back of the seat and caused her to end up horizontal, with legs flailing somewhere under the steering wheel.

I perform an act of resurrection and get some strange looks from pedestrians waiting to cross and the usual horn from the traffic behind.

Ho hum!

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