Pupil Stories 2018

Tom C

Tom bought a Fiesta, very similar to my car, so his practice was much easier than most. A good job really as he booked his test on a day I had to go to a wedding. Rather than change it his mum took him to the test. Same result - PASS!


Imogen matched her brother blow for blow, mark for mark on the driving test - Both passed with 4 minor faults. Great job Imogen!


I just cant believe how scared his parents were to take him out for some private practice. (Private joke) So Ellis had to do it all with just my help. A great first time pass - Just in time for Christmas


Seb was unlucky - His first test got cancelled due to fog the day before he left for a year in Australia. His second test was cancelled due to the examiner being ill 2 days prior to me leaving for a well earned 4 week break in New Zealand.

But skill prevails over luck Seb passed with just 1 minor fault.

Seb is my next door neighbour - He had better not take my parking spot!


Karlina drives like a latino, or at least she used to. She now drives through roundabouts carefully with out laughing wildly. Folkestone is a safe place to drive. Great test pass


This is Connor on 2 wheels. As you can imagine it took some coaching and coaxing to get his composure levels down a low enough octane. Another fabulous first time pass.

Lee W

Lee was a more nervous, slightly older pupil, but with diligent practice and learning, The Folkestone Driving School was able to guide him to a first time pass after 14 hours. (OK he did have other lessons 9 years previous)

Jack M

Jack was doing great until he took on a piece of video work in the week of his test. We cancelled swapped and squeezed him in at all sorts of times to get him ready. Did he make it? Of course he did!

Jack R

That's the trouble with this job - you work hard get them through first time and you lose your best customers. Jack was one of those! Now I have space for more.


Ellie was another of my favourites - enough said!

Pupil Stories 2017

Steve passed his driving test!


This fine fella - Mr Steve has just passed his driving test with flying colours!
Steve said  he'd like to take me to the pub for a 'thank you beer.'
I declined as I had more lessons but added, "If you ever see me in a pub you can buy me one then."
Steve looked relieved until I told him, "See you at that wedding on Friday!"
Today - we are both winners

Jake passed his driving test!


Jake seems a bit to happy to be leaving my car! Is that because he passed first time today with little effort or that he doesn't get paid until tomorrow and owes me some dollar?
He'd better pay as my APR is Wonga like!

Tom passed his driving test!


Another lost customer, although this one was a bit closer than it should have been😉
Well done Tom, a real pleasure to work with you.

Jacob passed his driving test


Jacob - you have the look of a very smug satisfied customer! Welcome to the world of driving, of freedom, of independence. And also welcome to the expensive end of driving with insurance, fuel, tax, mot and maintenance. Good luck and well done.
Steven passed his driving test!


Congratulations to Steven who passed with just one little driving fault. As a proficient, experienced bike rider, please don't ask him what that fault was for 😉 Well done Steve, hope you enjoy the new job.
Natasha passed her driving test!


Here she is! First pass of 2017 (and a good one at that) is the lovely Natasha. It's nice to have a 100% pass rate - for a while anyway  
Stuart passed his test!


I've watched this young fella grow up over many years.

Superb 1st time pass!

Excellent driver, model student, will go far!

Proud of you!

Louella Passed her Driving Test


Louella has only just gone and passed 1st time with just 3 driver faults - beating beloved Shez who got 4.

But... if anyone could see what she did on roundabouts on the hour before her test they would all say Shez is the better driver.Loved teaching you and missing you already.

Passed her driving test


Yay Charlotte!
I prayed earlier "Lord, if she's good enough please help her to pass, if she's not then please don't"
.... of course she passed!!!
Another of my favourites!
She's also baking me a cake as a thank you.
Life's good.