Regular or Intensive Driving Courses?

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Why Intensive Courses.

Intensive courses take place over 1 or 2 weeks, at the end of which you take your driving test.

Pass to a Deadline

If you need to pass your driving test fast, before a certain date, Intensive driving courses are the way forward. Pass your test in a matter of weeks from today!

Spend Less

Although they cost more up front, intensive driving courses save you more money in the long run. 

Those who take regular driving lessons typically end up spending more on lessons before they are able to pass their test. This is often because they forget what they have learned in the gaps between lessons.

We've Got Your Back

If you nerves fail you on your driving test and you don't manage to pass, we'll immediately arrange for a second test and pay for it ourselves!

Think an intensive course is the right one for you?

Why Regular Driving Lessons?

Regular Lessons are just that, 1 or 2 hour lessons that take place once or twice a week.

At Your Pace

Regular driving lessons means that there's no rush and no pressure. You can learn to drive at your pace and spend time in between lessons practising with a parent or friend in your own car.

Life's Too Busy!

If you work a full-time job or are studying at school or university, life can be too demanding to fit in an intensive course of driving lessons. Regular driving lessons means we can fit around your schedule and make your life easier.

No Empty Bank Accounts

Regular Driving Lessons means you can pay as you go, lesson by lesson if you wish, so you never need go into the red.

Prefer to have regular driving lessons?